Baguetterie, Svenska Kakel

Baguetterie 2020 project
Studio A+D AB

Emma and Henrik Zetterberg have inaugurated the Baguette “2020 shop Mölle”, in the seaside resort of the same name in a Swedish port very popular with fishermen.

The sea theme is central in the choice of the palette of the project, Avorio and Acquamarina framed by a pastel checkerboard pattern in combination with the pure white walls. The rounded design module of the building helps to give a feeling of freshness and play to an environment dedicated to pleasant moments of dining.

MIPA becomes the protagonist of a bagutteria in the heart of the Scandinavian Peninsula with a combination of Solid Colors that suggest lightness and conviviality.


The environment is made up of material intersections between graniglia floor and the wooden window frames and walls. The choice of the two colors is not accidental but aims to communicate all the details of the project to each other.

When color becomes fun.

Games of color can evoke feelings of lightness and joy. The coloring of a fruit or an insect is the first tangible sign in nature: one color instead of another can generate primary emotions and induce different approaches. Just as in the first years of life, the fun approach to colors is essential for discovering the world.

In the overall project dedicated to the “2020 Mölle” baguette, the right mix of relaxing and lively colors was selected, including that of the floors by MIPA. The Ivory and Aquamarine palettes of the MIPA Plain Colors help to generate pleasant sensations of fun and joy. However, the architect did not give up on elegance, giving a touch of luxury to the environment with the choice of the precious MIPA terrazzo.


Architetti: Patrizio Fornaci
Fotografo: loremipsum

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