Osteria Moderna, Arezzo

bar and restaurant area

MIPA terrazzo frames the project dedicated to hospitality by Studio Svetti Architecture

The Osteria Moderna is located in the pleasant setting of the Garden Hotel in Arezzo, a reference point for those who want a relaxing break between typical Tuscan flavors and an accurate selection of wines. The Svetti Architecture studio has dealt with the enhancement of all the strengths of the restaurant, with a project that has made the MIPA terrace the protagonist of the customization of all surfaces. The renovation involved all reception areas, including the bar and the restaurant area.

The choice of the Modulo collection in combination with tailor-made solutions, proved to be ideal for giving elegance to all environments intended for customers.

DSC_2620 copia

A selection of colors in a palette, which gives the right depth to an environment dedicated to pleasant moments of refreshment

Not just floors and surfaces.

The collection Modulo is the protagonist here with the laying patterns Delta V 1 and Delta V 2 , framed by contrasting solid colors. A mix that contributes to conferring elegance and harmony not only to floors and surfaces but also to the seats and tables, which are also covered in grit.

The MIPA surface thus helped to create a new style that was immediately recognizable to future customers. But, at the same time, it has generated that meeting between modernity and tradition which is at the basis of the philosophy of the Osteria Moderna.

Terrazzo in its universal language

MIPA graniglia shows in this project how the choice of surfaces can be decisive in enhancing the strengths of any context which in the case of the Osteria Moderna in Arezzo are both the menus with refined local raw materials and the excellent wine cellar.

Products in the project:


Architect: Studio Svetti

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