Farleigh Road, Londra.


A renovation that has respected the historical canons of a villa with a timeless minimal style.

In Farleigh Road in the Victorian context of West London, the architectural firm Paolo Cossu Architects has been involved in the renovation of an initially unique complex, then divided into a two-family house. The project involved the use of the MIPA terrazzo as the unique protagonist of an open space with minimal elegance.

The watchword of the entire project is fusion. Of styles, levels, materials, with a single surface.

PCA x MIPA - Lorenzo Zandri © 2021 -11_low
PCA x MIPA - Lorenzo Zandri © 2021 -12_low

A union woven by the sculptural staircase, conceived exclusively for the project, with multiple volumes, which frames the entire architectural narrative.

A synthesis of history and modernity.

What is striking about the project is that it has respected both souls of the building, the contemporary one with the renovated interiors and the historical one represented by the austere appearance of the exterior, consistent with the architectural dictates of the time, with brick walls in shades of gray.

A clash of chiaroscuro that also occurs inside, where the wood of the staircase is placed between the mottled white of the MIPA terrazzo floor and the black of the kitchen furniture.

The union of contrasts.

The project signed by Paolo Cossu demonstrates how an architectural design of enormous balance and elegance can finally originate from the contrasts of color and materials, those of the woods and the grit.

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Architect: Paolo Cossu Architects
Architectural Photography: Lorenzo Zandri

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