Locations that welcome

Summer is travel time.

Summer is travel time. Time to be spent outdoor.
At the seaside, in the mountains, in the countryside, near or far, the holiday depends also on the place where we stay.
There are places that we will not forget because of how we felt there, because of how we were welcomed and because of how we spent our moments of relax there.

That is why restaurants, bed&breakfast and hotels choose the MIPA strong and elegant graniglia for wall covering and furniture. For its versatility that makes it suitable for any situation and at the same time makes unique the style of any space.

Mipa’s contract has been developed for architects, designers or engineers who look for exclusive tiles.
The strength of this product lies in its craftsmanship, versatility and patterns, and above all in the chance to perfectly customize any design. The high level of customization in terms of colours, inlays, finishes, sizes and layouts offers the opportunity to develop unique designs, perfect for those hotels or stores that want to give their brand a sophisticated allure.

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