The most eclectic style of MIPA

The styles clash, the lines intertwine and the color breaks into the surface. Mipa patchworks are moments of pure inspiration and what comes out when our design office leaves space to its creativity.

It is well known that it is not possible to control fantasy that is why for the choice of the patterns it is necessary to rely on our taste. Decorative tiles and colors change every time: never equal one to the other, always impactful.The use of the patchwork for wall covering dates back to the early decades of the 20th century in France. The decorative tiles mirrored the dominant cultural trends at the time that is to say the liberty and the art deco, whose subjects were mainly floral and geometric. It was a decorative technique typical of the houses located in the historic centers and reached its maximum spread between 1900 and 1930, to be then almost forgotten until today. Recently, the patchwork has been rediscovered and re-evaluated by interior design as an original and elegant alternative to traditional floors.

An ideal style for those who love design and art and like to dare with decoration. Depending on the laying scheme you choose the patchwork can fill the whole room or give a touch of color and style only to some particular areas, making the spaces deeper. The most important thing is to respect always the equilibrium in design.
The patchwork is also suitable for a creative use for walls or furnishing accessories, such as tables. MIPA offers a wide range of decorative tiles and colours giving the possibility to create atmospheres where the pattern becomes predominant. Marble graniglia tiles, thanks to their technical performance, are therefore perfect elements to make the patchwork something that lasts forever.

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