Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Barcelona


MIPA terrazzo in a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, designed by Studio Nolet

Surrounded by the hills of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, a seaside resort known for its monumental complex, this magnificent villa, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture designed by Studio Nolet, is capable of conveying the essence of the design quality sought by architect Raül Sánchez in the round. A balanced mix of precious materials, colors, textures and organic shapes, capable of generating contrasts that are as refined as they are balanced, perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape.

Mipa terrazzo, chosen to cover different environments transversely, thus becomes the absolute protagonist, placing graniglia as an element capable of creating a dialogue between interlocking volumes and different architectural levels.


Terrazzo was used in the project as a coating surface, giving a new depth to the architectural space, also in combination with strong and decisive colors such as yellow.

The synthesis of color.

The Fancy palette from the XXL collection Slabs once again demonstrates the concept of color versatility.
The ease of installation is the result of the union of the precious color details made up of the marble fragments, with the neutral background on which they are elegantly placed. The most popular feature of this palette.

MIPA graniglia format in grand style in this kitchen environment in particular, gives its best by becoming the most suitable frame for all the components, in chromatic contrast with each other, including furnishings and taps and fittings.

The matter that gives shape to space.

The magic of the Fancy palette lies in being able to create different decorative effects, in all the spaces in which it is placed, realizing the concept of total surface linked to the MIPA marble graniglia.
In this bathroom project in particular, it not only acts as a frame, but becomes the authentic material protagonist that surrounds everything, including the shower compartment.
The final result is an environment sprinkled with fragments of color that on the one hand give movement to an otherwise static environment and on the other elegantly match the bright yellow tiled surface and pure white sanitary ware, thanks to the neutral background. & nbsp;

Products in the project


Architect: Studio Nolet
Architectural Photography: DEL RIO BANI | Gael del Río + Luca Bani

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