Lunaria Suites, Florence


When design meets history to create a unique style.

The project dedicated to the “Lunaria Suites” Luxury Boutique Bed & Breakfast benefited from a location of the highest artistic value, that of the historic center of Florence, in a 17th century building. The structure ideally lent itself to a setting that inspired style and elegance, but the aim was also to convey a sense of freshness to visitors and customers.

It is not surprising that once again, the MIPA terrazzo becomes the protagonist of a historical revaluation and renovation project of a prestigious building.


Once again, the artistic research of MIPA decorations has been enhanced by a project dedicated to welcoming the most sophisticated customers.

A relaxing break in Florentine art.

In the areas dedicated to self-care and relaxation, the choice of pure white has been maintained for all the elements: sanitary ware and showers, as well as the lighting and other pieces have been immersed in the same neutral and very pure color. The note of color and art that distinguish the history of Florence, on the other hand, were enhanced by the choice of MIPA terrazzo surfaces.

Per questo progetto sono stati selezionati i decori a tappeto più colorati ed esotici, con soggetti volumetrici in grado di aprire e movimentare spazi anche non grandi, per diventare protagonisti assoluti della narrazione architettonica, ancora una volta.

A decoration for every shade of white.

The dual soul of this “Luxury Boutique Bed & Breakfast” is expressed both in the artistic value of the building in which it is located, and in the more contemporary purposes of use. Both are revived in the choice of the most beautiful MIPA decorations ever, united by a delicate neutral background with decisive colors and in harmony with the context. 


Architect: ArchiBaM
Architectural Photography: Giada Mariani

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