The arcades of Oneglia, Imperia

Historical recovery project
Architetto Beniamini Studio

The project dedicated to the arcades of Oneglia, Imperia has restored its original luster and charm to one of the places of modern Italian history.

MIPA has been operating for years in the major redevelopment sector, dealing with historic and residential buildings but also with offices and public works that are an integral part of the national artistic-cultural heritage. As a world leader in the production of graniglia over the years, making the terrazzo available to these great works has proved to be a choice that is not merely aesthetic, but above all functional and performing.

Mipa terrazzo is one of the best materials in the world to preserve the charm of contexts of enormous patrimonial value.

Oltre RC

The merit is of the intrinsic qualities of graniglia itself, which make it a product capable of combining aesthetic value and material resistance.

The style of the Mipa terrazzo for a great Italian beauty.

It was necessary, being a place of passage, to select colors that were not excessively redundant and intrusive in the visual in everyday life and that first of all preserved the historical identity of the place itself. In this case, starting with the combinations of the wall surfaces in a warm cream color, it was necessary for the flooring not to be contrasting.

Furthermore, since this is a place of frequent travels, which the citizens should have enjoyed not only aesthetically, it was important that it resist all forms of wear. A personalized color combination was therefore selected consisting of a frame decoration, the result of research work on the original molds and a mix of solid colors.

Expertise and research for a style that defies time.

These were the premises behind the redevelopment project of the porticoes of Imperia, Oneglia which saw a place of public interest, of extensive dimensions, recover its ancient charm thanks to a historical study carried out preliminarily by Mipa staff. The final result has been recognized as being of great artistic value and is undoubtedly destined to last over time.


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