The product


The challenge to develop this material has led the company to invest in the creation of a list of products based on a contemporary aesthetic, MIPAProject: art in progress.

Starting from culture and tradition and from art and history Mipa has embarked on a path of development of products related to the design.

A dynamic and untiring team, finely tuned to the world of trends and fully aware of Graniglia enourmous potential, develop ideas with the help of the young designer and contemporary artist Laura Renna and in collaboration with Stefano Maffei,Venanzio Arquilla and Barbara Parini(M+A+P DESIGNstudio); they have created the contemporary image for marble terrazzo blending formal innovation and state of the art technology (for example the pixelate technology). The result has all the features of a modern look which still manages to retain the essence of a classic.

Mipa has already received much praise from the world of design such as the presence in “ADI Design Index” and the attendance at “PREMIO COMPASSO D’ORO” with the Collection METALSIGN design M+A+P DESIGNstudio in 2005 and with the series X-CROSS design M+A+P DESIGNstudio in 2007 , “Esposizione the New Italian Design” by Triennale di Milano and “Esposizione the The New Italian Design 2.0” by Santral Museum in Istanbul with the Collection Invaders and “Premio Impresa & Cultura” in 1999. Mipa was the first of its kind to create a true Marble Terrazzo style and to develop and nurture that style until it became the company’s philosophy, and in doing so, created the perfect balance between style, culture, design and quality.

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