The quality of Mipa products is proven by certificates obtained for our Series from different institutes, accredited in Italy and in the world.

All ingredients are natural: marble granules and chips, white cement, natural oxides. The formulation of the body mix is achieved by the choice of bonding agents (top-quality white cement), the water-cement ratio and the inert characteristics of marble. The Mipa body mix is at first mixed using devices adapted from the pharmaceutical industry, then it is vibrated at a predetermined frequency, compacted using high pressure and then, and most importantly, all excess water and air is removed using highly advanced technological processes. It is then seasoned in special cells with temperature and humidity numerical control.


The removal of water and air markedly reduces the porosity and as a result Marble Terrazzo tiles are more resistant to staining and marking. The same process increases enormously the mechanical-physical performance and allows for the formation of tiles with a thickness of 11 mm – a thickness that until a few years ago was considered impossible. Our technological partners are Mapei and Italcementi. The experiments on the quality of materials is developed in collaboration with the University of Modena.

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