Private home, Rome

Private home

The decoration in a minimal way, in two interior relooking projects

Architect Maurizio Giovannoni signs two restoration projects by choosing Mipa graniglia for the surfaces of two bathroom environments, in the heart of two jewel-like projects with a minimal spirit, in which the alternation of blocks of color and industrial elements is the protagonist. In particular, the combination of blocks of color becomes the canvas on which to develop the entire architectural texture, framed by the black and white of the Mipa graniglia

The projects are developed on a precise stylistic choice of clean lines and modernity

Copia di HR-SCOR6192
Copia di HR-Ciccotti-40

The color, on the other hand, the architect's distinctive signature, animates all the furnishings, enlivening the light and dark colors of the floors.

All the freshness of minimal

Maurizio Giovannoni lightens the environment making it more sober, but no less fun thanks to the skilful balance of the colors used as a background in which to set the whole domestic narrative. The furnishing elements are often hanging, fixed to the wall in a light but still functional way, with one goal: to make everyday life an art experience.

The decorations selected for the surfaces of the bathroom environments are Santiago and Il Trovatore in an unexpected black and white dress, which defines the volumes to the maximum. The total surface therefore appears two-dimensional respecting the well-defined color blocks of the entire projects, with an unmistakable decorative touch.

The decorations, in a sober guise

The feature that makes decorations so popular in the interior world is the possibility of experimenting with color. The mixes are many, but the real art is knowing how to blend them with the context. This is what architect Giovannoni does in the design of these bathroom environments: he chooses decorations with highly ornamental shapes, without altering the minimal style desired by customers, playing with light and dark shades. A brilliant choice that also makes the concept of sobriety original.


Architect: Maurizio Giovannoni
Architectural Photography: Stefano Corso

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